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The Most Beautiful Desert Camp in Morocco

Ghazala Camp’s Exclusive Lodges

Experience Unmatched Comfort: Ghazala Luxury Camp’s Exclusive Lodges amidst Er Chegaga’s Golden Dunes. Indulge in seven lavish lodges featuring king-size beds, private bathrooms, and scenic terraces offering breathtaking views.

Accommodating up to 20 guests, your stay includes a delectable breakfast served in our exceptional restaurant, meticulously designed and thoughtfully arranged. At Ghazala Camp, we prioritize both comfort and environmental consciousness, ensuring a luxurious experience while valuing nature’s importance.

Luxury Redefined in Erg Chegaga

Experience the stunning of luxury amidst the stunning Erg Chegaga dunes at our private campsite Ghazala. Fulfill your dream of a desert slumber without sacrificing comfort, where we make the extraordinary possible.

Indulge in gourmet dining under the celestial expanse, crafted by our exclusive chefs. Seeking entertainment? We curate the most unique activity options. Immerse yourself in a refined, lavish lodge during an overnight stay, exclusively tailored for a luxurious lifestyle amidst the Sahara Desert. Discover unparalleled opulence in our bespoke camp setup.

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Ghazala Camp Owner

Welcome to Ghazala Camp, where luxury meets the magic of the desert! We sincerely hope you discover an irresistible offer that resonates with your desires.

Should you have any inquiries or require further details, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Further activities & options to spend your time

Great Food

Desert Gastronomy & Culinary Delights

Discover Ghazala Camp‘s diverse, fresh, and expertly crafted cuisine amid the desert’s serene backdrop, promising an unforgettable dining experience.

A dream come true

Wedding at Ghazala Camp

Create cherished memories with a dreamy desert wedding at Ghazala Camp. Amidst scenic dunes, our venue offers an elegant setting tailored to your vision, ensuring an impeccably planned celebration and an unforgettable start to forever.